Mountain Bikes – A Healthy Ride

If you are searching a mean to get health and fun in your free time especially on weekends, so don’t be get worried because Mountain bike will give you both incentives. Now a day’s human life is getting busy day by day and in the result of this we cannot spare so much time for doing healthy activates and making fun in our life.

Today’s man has become a machine because of tough working competition in professional life. This competition and tough daily routine are making the life of human boring day by day. So in such a boring life if you are planning to do some healthy activity which also gives you pleasure and enjoyment then riding on Mountain Bike is one of the best healthy activities for you.

Modern features and attractive look of new mountain bikes may also drive the enthusiasm of riding over them and it is good. Because with the help of such attractive features we can get aware and motivate the new coming generation about a healthy activity of riding over bike.

Mountain bikes for beginners

In the beginning you wouldn’t have a good idea about the purchasing of the best mountain bike according to your budget. But as you are a newer for riding over mountain bike you should search a basic mountain bike which will meet your requirements and you can upgrade your basic mountain bike according to needs or requirements. In the beginning you don’t need to buy an expensive bike. For the beginners I would suggest to buy the best mountain bikes under 500 dollars or to buy a best bike under 600 dollars. In 500 dollars to 600 dollars you should buy a best basic mountain bike for this you should visit local mountain bike dealer of your area first. [Read more…]

Scooter technology is improving

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you probably know by now that Canada is going green.

At least, that’s what Prime Minister Steven Harper would have us believe. Whether Harper’s recent green initiatives are just politics isn’t for me to say, but, among other things, more generous tax rebates for fuel-efficient cars and penalties for those that aren’t are in the cards for Canadian consumers.

Make the world greener

No word yet on whether the government’s largesse extends to two-wheeled vehicles, however, but if you really want to make an environmental statement, there is nothing greener or less noxious than a battery-powered scooter. About the only thing more environmentally correct is a bicycle.

And there are more and more battery-powered scooters, motorcycles and hybrids available to Canadian consumers these days. Choosing a best electric scooter for you is not a bad choice.

There seems to be a mini tsunami of alternate transportation models coming out of Asia — mainly Taiwan and China. But some Canadian companies are starting to appear as well; one of them being Greenwit Technologies, which is headquartered in Vancouver and markets a range of electric scooters and bikes that are — or soon will be — sold across Canada.

Although most of its products are built in Taiwan and China, Greenwit designs many of the electrical components in its Vancouver facility. “It’s simple economics,” explains Steve Miloshev, president and owner of Greenwit. “In China, workers earn six dollars a day. In Canada, you must pay people at least $15 an hour. I would like to do everything here, but it’s impossible. So, yes, China is our main supplier, but we’re looking at India as well.”

Greenwit electric scooter

Greenwit currently has 10 models in its lineup — everything from battery-assisted moped bicycles to electric motorcycles, plus electric skateboards.

“Electric scooters and motorcycles are discriminated against by the Canadian government,” the Bulgarian-born Miloshev says. “If I take one of our manufactured models to Transport Canada for certification, they will charge me $80,000 for an inspection — for one model. But anyone with a home-made electric car can get a $25 inspection from the motor vehicle branch and put a plate on it. The government has made it very complicated to sell electric scooters and motorcycles in this country.”

Still, if you want to persevere, the technology is improving. For one thing, you can now buy an electric scooter that will actually keep going under its own steam when you encounter a change in elevation.

Thanks to a special built-in torque converter, Greenwit’s new HTh model will climb any hill up to 20 degrees without the rider having to resort to pedalling or pushing. “It doesn’t consume any more power than a regular model, but it is 80 per cent more efficient,” says Miloshev.

Greenwit also sells its GTx model, which will actually achieve a top speed of some 70 km/h — on the flat with a tailwind. And it can apparently have a range of up to 200 kilometres, depending on the battery.

GTx model

Most scooters are governed not to exceed 32 km/h, so the GTx is something of a hot rod. With this model, you will need a DOT-approved helmet and a driver’s licence, but some of Greenwit’s other offerings don’t require any licence at all. If it is categorized as an electric scooter by Transport Canada, that means it will have a top speed of 32 km/h and anyone can ride it as long as they’re wearing a helmet.

But the heart of the problem is still battery technology, which has kind of hit the wall. Even the most efficient scooter on the market will run out of juice after about 50 or 70 kilometres, if it has a conventional lead-acid battery.

“You can buy a lithium-ion, battery-powered scooter,” explains Miloshev, “but just the battery by itself costs about $1,500, so it’s kind of expensive.” Lead-acid batteries have a life of two or three years, where a lithium-ion battery will keep you going for five.

Still, things are improving. Thanks to the skyrocketing price of gas, and films like Who Killed The Electric Car? and An Inconvenient Truth, public interest has been piqued.

And some cities are getting the message about scooters, electric and otherwise. In Toronto, you can park your scooter or motorcycle for free on city streets, and in Vancouver, the city is considering installing free plug-in recharging centres throughout the downtown area.

And not a moment too soon, according to Miloshev. “We almost went into bankruptcy,” he says, “and things got pretty tough for us. But there is light at the end of the tunnel now. We’re still in deep water, but at least we’re floating.

“We are setting up dealerships in Toronto and Vancouver right now. We have to change people’s curiosity about electric scooters into interest.”

A Fans Views and Thoughts on the Great American Past Time – The Drug and Steroid Problem

My Belief

I am an admirer of baseball from more than thirty-five years. I enjoyed watching the greatest players of baseball of time who played the great games of baseball. As a big fan of this game, I believed that most of the players are free from using the drugs.

Baseball player

I believe too that there will always be some players who are agreed to take risk of their career and take steroids to make their look better than they are. Such players of baseball have to work with owners for the assurance of fair play of game for all teams. I enjoyed baseball in my all life in leisure time. As a big fan of baseball, I consider that all players of baseball should make clear that the game is played fairly by all players. The usage of other drugs and steroids will put their career at the risk.

  • Why will you take the steroids to lose a job of baseball player?
  • Why would you perform such acts of cheating to pad your stats?
  • How do the players even think about damaging their bodies?
  • Why would you take risk of losing you self-respect along with your teammates?
  • Why would they want to ruin the reputation of great players that arrived before them?

Steroids or drugs

Steroids or drugs

After taking steroids or drugs to make the body, no shining record of your baseball playing have worth enough to put you on this line for fame. I consider that any player using steroids or other drugs would stop to take it by thinking that you are cheating the reputation of the sport that pays you a lot. I imagine as fan of baseball we are cheated by unfair play of baseball players that we paid huge money to watch.

Playing the baseball is a job where players are paid huge money for playing this game. The past time players played all life to make records of playing ball and spend the whole life to achieve such records. These historic players worked hard with less money than today’s baseball players. I feel that today’s baseball players should show proper respect for remaining baseball players that came before them.

I consider that it is your responsibility to show respect for your fans that pay to see your competition. Just imagine all the children who consider you as their hero. Baseball players are the heroes of children to grow and become a baseball player. You must show the respect to the game which gives fortune and fame to you. I am sure about all the players who just get into the baseball hall for fame.

When you work hard to achieve your goal, you will get it. If you cheat while playing baseball, it will take you away from another player who played before. Just think about the reaction of the family when you cheat them. I spent hours of my life in watching some of the greatest games ever played.

So I can’t see this sport degraded due to some baseball players who want to get a little advantage by breaking the rules to set records. The records are always being set and broken, so do it fairly. If you respect the rules of a game, your fans appreciate you a lot ultimately.

My Opinion

A record achieved by damaging your body is not worthy enough to take you away from your family. Records may be broken or made in whole life, but there is no substitute for your family, father, and husband. It is always judged by the history of players who are better in the past and present. Keep all the drugs away from yourself while playing the baseball and let the fans get back to enjoy the match between two team’s competitions for a world series.

The generation of each era thinks about the players to be the best player of their time. Keep the time of American enjoyable for both players and fans. I am looking forward to watching you on television or at the baseball park at all. I always write for respect so, has respect for fans of baseball players.

Watch our American baseball team plays:

Beyond the Boundary

The game of cricket is originated from England. The game of cricket had been started to play in other colonies of England when British Empire expanded its suzerainty in whole world. Now, cricket is an international game and played by sixteen nations across the continents. The nickname of cricket is ‘gentleman’s game’ because; this game is played by children and women In England.

Cricket is a game that unites

Cricket is a game that unites

Cricket is more than a game with great unifying force. When players of two different teams, i.e. Indian and Pakistani shake their hands together at the end of game, it brings the tears into the eyes of hardliners and fundamentalist. When the teams of cricket from whole world started to play cricket with South Africa, it diminishes the racial discrimination and ostracism by white people against black people. When Indian Premier League (IPL) is formed, cricket has acquired new dimensions. The IPL is a pot of cultures and ethnicity with all players of nations. They played against each other as an opponent now plays together in same team leaving their dislikes and prejudices. It vanishes the differences of language, culture and race. Thus, cricket is gaining a new face with every passing decade.

It’s not cricket. Or is it?

The game of cricket has gone a major facelift from last decades. The cricket playing of five-day test matches is still admired activity. Now they are out of trend now because they tend to be boring and last for five days. The most cricket loving people look forward to One-Day International matches so that they can enjoy ups and downs of the game in just one day. ODIs also lost their charm due to tough competitions from the T20s. So, cricket is adapting itself, according to the needs of impatient, frenzied fans. Today’s cricket is giving you an opportunity to run for money even if you are watching the match on home television.

Investment on cricket

Now a day, cricket is a greenfield opportunity for a businessman to invest with excellent yield in returns. It became commercial game too. The business of cricket is beneficial for the game in a way that the investment may help to spread the cricket. It is true because other games like hockey, badminton, pool and athletics are in a sorry state due to the scarcity of finance. The IPL plays a vital role in turning the cricket into a gold mine. The celebrities and business tycoons are lining up to sell and buy the players. The magnates are quarrelling for big cricketers with high bids.


Can a brand ambassador be called a cricketer?

All top rated cricketers are brand ambassadors for products as well. The game of cricket is not paying enough to give generous lifestyles. The way of endorsement is the only way to maintain their luxury lifestyle. When your favorite player is displaying a fast moving consumer good, you may be prompt to use the same product. So cricket players are a good source of the message delivered and brand ambassadors.

Match Fixing

Match fixing was a part of past decades. During the past decades, the cricketers sold their games and their countries to bookies to make quick money. It is a shameful act. These immoral players placed their legs in front of the wicket to get out. The teams lost matches and tournaments because this lost is more profitable for them than the money of prizes from victory. The countries and loyalties are traded in the game of cricket for money freely. The game of cricket is not bad enough paid to fix the match to earn black money. It is the greediness cricketers which drove them to do such immoral acts of match fixing.

Is It really cricket?

The gossips of the cricketers’ life in magazines and newspapers tell all about them. These acts are sometimes pretty immoral to discuss. Late night parties and drinking with the opposite sex in hotels is not cricket. They never feel ashamed on such discussions of acts and keep their head erect with their arrogance. Such cricket players were always unable to make to break or make records.

Cricket plays a great inning and remains ‘Not Out.’

However, cricket goes on to grasp swing over past and present cricket players as well as watchers with its magic. The stadium always comes crashing with clapping. It brings smiles on the face of the patient. A century cheers the whole nation and they shout by forgetting all differences of caste, race, creed and gender. A country burst with joy by raising a finger of the umpire. When thunders and lightning stop the game, Thousands of clapping of is sure to be listened on resuming the game.

The game of cricket enchants the hearts of many people. The matches of One Day Internationals and T20s and cause a heart attack if the ticker is not too strong to withstand the excitement of game.

Is Learning Tennis Important?

Tennis sport

Learning the tennis can be started at different ages of life. Some begin to play tennis at the very tender age of 3-4 years. Others do not get a single chance to play it in whole life. To learn how to play tennis is necessary for all ages, particularly for teens and youngster for the following reasons:

  • Tennis is an exercise

Playing tennis is an exercise of cardio work out. It involves running, sprinting, stretching for ball power and grace at a time. It alters the body for quick action and improves brain competency as well. It gives a good work out to body if played thoroughly.

  • Tennis playing stimulates the mind

Most of the people consider tennis as a physical sport. Besides physical involvement, tennis requires more mental stiffness and alertness than anyone would think of it. A competitive player involves in this game more than 80% of mental activity than physical activity. Choosing correct and accurate shot at a right time is the key to win the game. It requires an active and quick mind to discern appropriate shot to win the point.

  • Playing tennis will improve your social circle and self-esteem

Tennis improve social circle and self-esteem

It is stated that man is a social animal. He likes to be surrounded by other people of the community. Tennis offers such an opportunity to come together and interact with people in fun making and engaging environment. When you start playing tennis, you will enter an already established social group of individuals who are playing tennis together. It will build your creditability in society and self-esteem as well.

  • Tennis is a good sport for kids

If you are playing tennis regularly, your kids will start to play tennis in younger age with you. Playing tennis in younger age builds them physically as well as mentally. If the kids become a champion in tennis playing, it may lead them to get sports scholarship in colleges and universities during an academic period. It will strengthen mentally and lift up their mental abilities to take decisions quickly. Thus, tennis training polishes the player physically and makes him stronger mentally and fitted to the environment.

  • You can learn tennis and be a coach

Tennis offers means of livelihood for competitors. A competitive player when retired or get injured physically he can join some classes of coaching courses and become a tennis coach. Coaching is beneficial financially as well as emotionally. Playing tennis may give you an extra income while you’re studying and playing from your institution.

  • Tennis offers business opportunities

Besides playing and coaching tennis, there are many other business facets in relation to tennis. One can run a sports shop and sell tennis kit and equipment i.e. tennis rackets, shoes, bags with other items of sports. You can run a tennis club with membership fee and organize tennis tournament from local to global level

Ultimately, when you meet a tennis player and ask for what does he think about tennis as a sport to play? The answer will be that tennis has become his part of life because of all reasons above mentioned.